Who wants long hair??

Growing up I, like most girls, had the impression that long flowing hair was what we all had to strive for but what gave us this impression? I don’t know was it our parents? school? TV? media?

You may say the latter but bare in mind for a second I grew up in the world BI (before Internet) Yes I know it doesn’t seem possible but even 20 years ago we were only just hearing about the world wide web and the concept of picking up an ipad to search for a hairstyle or checking on your Favorite celebrity was not even a glimps on the horizon. But I digress.

Disney Hair

I think it was TV and all those pretty Disney princesses with long flowing hair getting rescued by the handsome prince to live happily ever after, who wouldn’t want that right?

Now we all have to grow up and we realise they are just fairy tales but even so that notion of NEEDING long hair has never left me.

So as an adult what is it that makes us want long hair?

Short hair can be super feminine, sooo much easier to look after yet with the hair extension industry booming it shows us maybe that little girls dream inside us never goes away.

So I guess the answer to the question is I do!!! But if it doesn’t come naturally its so easy to fake it!!

Let me know your thoughts xx